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Peekskill Rooftops and Second Stories

Peekskill is home to outstanding examples of historic architecture, including Victorian, Tudor, Italianate, Dutch Colonial, Greek Revival, Georgian, Mediterranean, Craftsman, and Eclectic styles, among others. But our awareness of these buildings is often limited by what we see at street level. We don't often look up to notice their second levels and roof lines, where so many ornate details are found.

This is a series of photographs that focus on the rooftops and second stories of a number of Peekskill's commercial and residential buildings. Some are centrally located downtown, while others are tucked away in quiet neighborhoods. Most of the images purposefully omit the first floor of each building, to draw attention to its upper reaches.

Some of their design elements are elaborate, while others are subtle and understated. Some are picturesque and colorful, while others have a nearly abstract and monochromatic quality. But they all have a certain visual harmony that's worth taking a moment to notice. The addresses of these buildings are also intentionally omitted, but many people will instantly recognize them, while others may be surprised to realize that they pass them every day.

So the next time you're walking on a Peekskill sidewalk, take a moment to look up - you may be surprised by what you see.

Click on any of the thumbnail images to view and navigate through larger versions of the photos, or play the slideshow.